Animals for Film & Television

Canine CoStars of Canada Ltd.

If you are a producer, production manager or agency looking to cast animals for your project visit to see a full list of Bonnie’s credits, biographical info and media interviews.

Bonnie’s film company Canine CoStars of Canada Ltd. handles projects from small commercials and series pilots all the way to huge big budget animal-centric features.  Bonnie provides exotic animals as well as domestic species.

Dog Training Classes & Private Lessons

k9 CoStars Training

Bonnie offers beginner and advanced dog training classes. For dogs with behaviour issues or for those who prefer working one on one Bonnie offers private lessons.

Classes are offered  several times a year (depending on Bonnie’s film schedule).  Your dog will learn all the basic behaviours (sit, down, stay, come and more) as well as get an introduction to training needed for the dog to work in the movies. If you have been wanting to get your dog into this is the best way to start.
dogs posing with tulips

All Natural, Raw, Frozen Dog Food

the Raw Truth

Dogs working in film need to be healthy, have great energy, sound nerves and shiny coats. With the help of canine nutrtionists Bonnie developed an all natural, raw food for her own dogs. After many requests she eventually made it available to others and now the food is available commercially.

The Raw Truth is a premium raw, all-natural dog food specially designed for optimal canine health and peak performance.
Ruckus the Briard